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Halawah Beauty

Frontal HD wig Natural human hair length 20 desinty 150%

Frontal HD wig Natural human hair length 20 desinty 150%

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100% Pure Natural Hair

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Pure human hair frontal wig

Hand made



Be fearless with our 100% natural hair wigs that are natural and beautiful. With an HD lace, very similar to the natural scalp, the wigs blend into your original hair. With “baby hair” at the front, your look is maintained with originality. The wigs can be adjusted as per individual needs and measures and styled in the direction of your hair as desired.

Like all hair extensions in Halawah Beauty, it is made from the finest natural hair types (raw) from one donor and in one direction to ensure that it looks natural among your actual hair. It is a double drone, that is, it has an equal density for a natural and ideal appearance. We attach each hair extension with a sample to make sure that their specifications match your choice, and that the hair extensions are easily replaceable as long as they weren’t opened. With Halawah Beauty hair extensions, enjoy different looks in minutes.

About Halawah Beauty

Halawah’s story took birth with Noor in 2013. When Halawa, the founder’s daughter, got into a critical illness. The health of the little girl, got the founder into a state of severe depression and anxiety leading to unimaginable quantity of hair fall.

The hair loss led to visible voids in her hairline which were augmented by a state of anxiety as beautiful hair is every woman’s desire. With determination, she struggled to search for numerous remedies from masks and pills to all kinds of treatments, but in vain. She was seeking quality, a reasonable price and naturally flawless hair.

Returns & Exchange

Client satisfaction is our priority.Based on the laws of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, you can replace or return a productin the event of any damaged purchaseand if the hair color is not suitable for you. The product has to be returned within 7 days of the date it reaches you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to care for my hair?

A good hair care routine shall helpenhance the life of your hair extensions significantly. Since Halawah BeautyHair Extensions are made from 1oo% natural hair, they can be washed, styled andheated as normally. However, frequent washes and styling can cause the life ofthe hair to be shorter. Hair extensions have no source of natural hydration andtherefore it is advised that keep extension hair hydrated for them to remainshiny and in maintained.

How frequently can I wash my extensionsand how?

Less washing helps your hair extensions to have a longer life. You are the best judge for your hair and on how often to wash them depending on how much build up there is. Use a Sulfate free shampoo for better hair condition.

How will Sulfate free shampoo orconditioner help my hair?

Sulfates and Alcohols are ingredients that take away the natural oils or moisture from your hair. As a result, hair become drier, tangled and matted. Therefore, to maintain healthy hair we recommend that you get sulfate-free and alcohol-free products.

Do I wash my extensions every time before I use it?


After curling, do I wash my extensions so that they are back to as they were?

Not necessarily. The step is only required if you have applied hard products like hairsprays. Otherwise, the hair can be easily straightened out by using a soft brush and combing your hair ends to roots. You can use a straightener to further sleek them, however, you must use a heat protectant to avoid damage and use the straightener on a low-medium heat setting.

Can Bleach, tone, or color be done on my hair extensions?

You definitely can. However, our suggestion is that if you want to bleach hair then you buy our Platinum color that is bleached in a way that doesn’t harm your hair.