Our Story

We are telling a real story weaved outof struggle and thorough research. In a journey to seek beauty, we looked for high qualityto provide you with the best and unique products in the industry.

A Saudi Brand initiated by Saudi Women, the brand celebrates beauty that is not only outward but reflects upon the strength they show through thick & thin.

Through Thick & Thin

Halawah’s story took birth with Noor in 2013. When Halawa, the founder’s daughter, got into a critical illness. The health of the little girl, got the founder into a state of severe depression and anxiety leading to unimaginable quantity of hair fall.

The hair loss led to visible voids in her hairline which were augmented by a state of anxiety as beautiful hair is every woman’s desire. With determination, she struggled to search for numerous remedies from masks and pills to all kinds of treatments, but in vain. She was seeking quality, a reasonable price and naturally flawless hair.

Crafting Beauty in Hair

In 2015, after considerable research, the founder started the business under the name of Queen Hair with the aim of providing premium quality, high density, and economical hair extensions. She took the plunge to create a ripple of the impact that the hair extensions made for her.

In 2019, the beautiful story of impact only grew bigger when the Co-Founder, Balsam, joined the team and started Halawah Beauty with better and wider range of products.

That’s You& a little bit of Us

Halawah Beauty gets you premium quality hair, because you are beautiful and you deserve the best. You remain at the core of our hearts as we spread beauty in all forms, in all ways. Our success is simply the constant trust you put in us.

What Our Customers Say

I ordered an Extension and I used Hair Foam and BaByliss to make it curly then I washed it and the hair turned back like before without any damage. I liked their credibility and honesty that’s why I will always order from you only 😍

Mindy G. Villa

The Extension is not heavy when you wear it right. I even slept wearing it 😊 everyone asked about the brand and where I got it from. Thank you for your trustworthiness. I am telling everyone, don’t hesitate as it is worth every Riyal u pay

Denise D. Park

22- 4 years now and everyone still asks me where I bought it from. I use it daily and nothing has changed, the thickness and length is the same.


It was my first time I ordered Extension and it was more than I expected. It is magnificent, the thickness is SOOO much that I can also just use a part of it only!!

Sue C. Shaffer

Thank you for everything, the price is really affordable. I got it on time, and it was wonderful and looked natural. Also the quality more than I imagined.