Frequently Asked Questions

Making the Right Choice with Halawah Beauty Extension

How can I decide the right color that matches my hair?

We have color charts that will help get an idea and options of color that you can choose from. Please don’t worry if you can’t find your hair color is not there as we will be glad to customize your order as per you. Just reach us and send us a photo of your hair in natural light so that we can sort the perfect match of hair just like your natural hair shade.

What is the difference between clip-in and Halo extensions?


They have multiple wefts to clip in, can suit all hair types and are apt option for experienced users.


If you are a beginner, this might be your right way to beautiful long, thick hair. Highly suitable for thin or medium hair types.

Halo comes in varied lengths and the weight for shorter length (14-16 inches) is 150 gram and for longer length is 200 gram.

How do Halo hair extensions work?

Easy and quick, Halo Hair Extensions are good for beginners. They help one get long and thick hair quickly and therefore go well with daily use. The extensions fit right on top of your head with a nylon wire that can also come customized as per your head size.

There are two clips one on either side of the extension. The natural weight of your hair over the extension shall also support it to keep in place.

How are Classic and Seamless hair extensions different?

Classic Hair Extensions

With a fabric-stitched base, Classic hair extensions can be ordered in varying weights as per choice.

Classic Hair Extension is the right choice if:

  • You have thick hair strands, medium-thick volume or short hair, or a blunt haircut.
  • You wish to have more volume at your roots.
  • You want to change the color for extensions as the fabric can be dyed.

Seamless Hair

Seamless hair extensions have a thin silicone-weft that fits nicely against your head and cannot be ordered with a very heavy weight.

Seamless Collection is a good choice if:

  • You have medium hair type with a medium density, have a short haircut.
  • You want a less bulky look at the rootsand give a natural outlook.
  • You have tinted hair.
  • You want less hassle and maintenance.

What lengths you have?

Beginning from 14 inches to 26 inches.

In every set, how many pieces do I get?

Halo extension is available in one piece only.

Seamless extensions is available in 10 pieces as follow:

  • 1x8 inches piece, 4 clip weft
  • 1x7 inches piece, 4 clip weft
  • 2x6 inches piece, 3 clip weft
  • 2x4 inches piece, 2 clip weft
  • 4x1 inch piece, 1 clip weft

Clip-in extensions are available in 8 pieces as follow:

  • 1x8 inches piece, 4 clip weft
  • 1x6 inches piece, 3 clip weft
  • 2x4 inches piece, 2 clip weft
  • 1x3 inches piece, 2 clip weft
  • 2x2 inch piece, 1 clip weft

Can you please tell the size of Tape in Extensions?


Is there an option for curly or wavy hair extensions?

Yes, there are options available. Please contact us and we are happy to help.

For short hair, what set is the perfect pick?

It is totally up to you and what you want for your hair. If you are looking to enhance the length only, then you should get an extension with longer length.

Using & Caring For your Hair Extensions

What should I do to care for my hair?

A good hair care routine shall help enhance the life of your hair extensions significantly. Since Halawah Beauty Hair Extensions are made from 1oo% natural hair, they can be washed, styled and heated as normally.

However, frequent washes and styling can cause the life of the hair to be shorter. Hair extensions have no source of natural hydration and therefore it is advised that keep extension hair hydrated for them to remain shiny and in maintained.

How frequently can I wash my extensions and how?

Less washing helps your hair extensions to have a longer life. You are the best judge for your hair and on how often to wash them depending on how much build up there is. Use a Sulfate free shampoo for better hair condition.

How will Sulfate free shampoo or conditioner help my hair?

Sulfates and Alcohols are ingredients that take away the natural oils or moisture from your hair.

As a result, hair become drier, tangled and matted. Therefore, to maintain healthy hair we recommend that you get sulfate-free and alcohol-free products.

Do I wash my extensions every time before I use it?


After curling, do I wash my extensions so that they are back to as they were?

Not necessarily. The step is only required if you have applied hard products like hairsprays. Otherwise, the hair can be easily straightened out by using a soft brush and combing your hair ends to roots.

You can use a straightener to further sleek them, however, you must use a heat protectant to avoid damage and use the straightener on a low-medium heat setting.

How can I store my extensions?

With each order, Halawah beauty provides supporting products that includes a hanger and a special extension bag. Fold down the hook to open up the hanger, place your extensions onto the hanger with the hanger bar below the wefts, and lift the hook to close the hanger. Your hair extensions should feel secure once the hanger is closed.

Once this is done, simply place the hair in Halawah Beauty Hair Extensions’bag, slide it in and move the hanger through the opening at the top. Once your hair extensions are neatly set in, you may zip up the case and hang it in your closet for future use. If you’re traveling, you can fold the hanger, roll the extension bag up, button it in place, and easily keep it into your luggage without having to worry about it separating.

Please keep properly dried extensions into the extension bag to avoid any mold or bacteria from growing. You can always hang your extensions to air dry using the hanger provided before storing them in the extension bag.

Can Bleach, tone, or color be done on my hair extensions?

You definitely can. However, our suggestion is that if you want to bleach hair then you buy our Platinum color that is bleached in a way that doesn’t harm your hair.